Predictable Sourcing of Top Talent

Alum takes care of everything prior to the on-site interview.

Employer FAQ

How much does it cost?

There is no set up, support or recurring fees. We only charge $6,000 flat per hire, $4,000 of which is used to help you close candidates faster and give back to talent producing organizations.

Can I customize screening criteria?

Yes, we allow you to set minimums by role. e.g. 2 years of experience at companies greater than 500 employees. We will take care of this for you during your onboarding experience.

What is the experience like?

We pair you with a dedicated account manager and ask you about your hiring goals. We will either port over your screening processes or recommend our own. We provide a light, web based dashboard for coordinating interviews, hiring and payments.

Who designs the screening/qualification processes?

We reach out to top performers in sales and engineering with high volume exposure to hiring.

Contact our sales team

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